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2010 prices
Model: 4 string 5 string 6 string 7 string
Traditional bolt-on: $2900 $3300 $3700 NA
Headless A or B travel bass: $3000 $3400 NA NA
Veneered flattop with headstock: $3500 $3700 $4100 $4500
Headless carved C, D, or E bass: $4500 $4900 $5300 NA
Carved top with headstock and tapered neck stringers: $4900 $5300 $5700 $6100
Arch-top, semi-hollow with tapered neck laminations and headstock: $6000 $6500 $7000 $7500

Ordering instructions

If you plan to order and need a comprehensive estimate on a bass project, please go to the main custom options page. I will then send you an estimate and a time frame for finishing your bass project. Your estimate is firm unless you change your order (an amended estimate will be sent to you.) In some rare cases I won't know the full cost due to the complexity of the project or for procurement of special wood. You will then be given an expected range which will be narrowed as the project nears completion.

A $1200 down payment is necessary to start construction. Do not send a deposit until you have received confirmation and an estimate. A second payment bringing the balance to 2/3rds of the estimated cost of your bass will be billed after a month or so, as construction progresses. The remainder is due before the bass will be shipped. A cancelled order forfeits the deposit and any additional amount paid, you may ask for wood or parts purchased specifically for your instrument.

Please call or write me if you have any further questions. Note that some materials and options may not be available at the time of your order, I will make substitutions with your approval. I generally complete orders within 8 to 24 months of when I receive them. Keep in mind however that each bass requires one hundred or more hours of intensive hand labor by just one person and unforeseeable circumstances may cause delays.

All basses are warranted for 5 years (or longer at my discretion) against defects in materials or workmanship. All repairs must be made by me or by a mutually agreed upon repair person in your area. The warrantee does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or abuse as defined by me. Any modifications performed by others may void the warrantee. All warrantee claims must be made as soon as a problem is detected, failure to do so may result in further damage which may incur a charge. For non-warrantee repairs and any modifications, I can provide speedy service at a reasonable cost.

I make every effort to please each customer. If you are dissatisfied with your new bass I will come up with a mutually agreeable solution with can include modifications to the instrument or a refund pending on the sale of the instrument to someone else. You are assuming all financial risk in ordering a custom instrument and I can't be held liable for your decisions or things beyond my control.

Features common to all my instruments:

Some of the many custom options currently available.