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Design considerations for ordering a custom bass guitar.

Starting points, things to think about:

What is most important to you for this instrument?

How do you rank your attachment to:

-sound quality




-simplicity/ reliability

-"bells and whistles"

-collect-ability (Are you just going to hang it on the wall?)


Your habits and needs?

-Do you like low or high action?

-Are your hands huge or small?

-Are you looking for a specific sound or a broad range of sounds?

-Do you wear your bass high or low?

-Do you play hard or with a light touch?

-Do you always use compression or want lots of dynamic range?

-What types or strings do you use?

-Do you want a hot signal output?


What do you like best about playing bass guitar in general?

What do you like least about it?

Visual design elements:

-Are you a traditionalist? (What's your favorite bass?)

-Do you strive for simplicity?

-Do you like smooth rounded shapes?

-Do you like hard edges and fine lines?

-Or some combination of rounded and sharp?

-Do you want a totally unique instrument?

-Does weird turn you on?


Sound design elements:

How does the bass sit in your mix?

-Are you buried under 2 screaming guitars and vocals?

-Are you trying to differentiate yourself from a keyboard player with a heavy left hand?

-Would you rather feel your bass than hear it?

-Do you occasionally play slapping /popping solos or with a pick?

-Are you a consummate "pocket player" who needs to link up with the kick-drum at all times?

-Do you want the widest possible pallet of tones to work with?

-Are you looking for that perfect signature tone?

How do you see the bass fitting into the overall sound of your group or the music you like to play?


Ergonomic design elements:

-Would you like the lightest possible bass?

-Do you need the balance to be neutral?

-Do you stand up or sit when you play?

I know exactly what I want ----> order form

I have some ideas and some questions

I have no idea how to design a bass, I'll let you do that...

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