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David King basses are compact, lightweight, perfectly balanced and comfortable. I have chosen a headless approach with a hand carved, highly contoured body that fits the human torso and helps you maintain the most beneficial playing position.

My headless tuning system is hand machined out of solid brass or aluminum in several string widths and comes in 4, 5, 6, and 7 string versions to accommodate most players. My string locking mechanism uses conventional bass strings. The headless tuning system further enhances reliability by eliminating string "stretching" and the need to re-tune frequently. The flaired neck cap gives the bass a familiar feel and keeps your left hand from falling off the end of the neck.

I make multiple laminate wood, neck-through necks that are strong and stable. Titanium double truss rods and carbon fiber spar neck reinforcement lend ultimate reliability and weight savings as well as sound transmission and sustain. The truss rod can be adjusted easily, even from a playing position.   

My body designs are an aesthetically pleasing blend of form and function. I use highly figured native and exotic woods to achieve the overall visual and sonic attributes that the customer is seeking. One piece book matched tops and backs are available as are custom routings and inlays. My basses feature an integrated thumb rest that extends the whole length of the body. I use a simple dovetailed control cavity cover design that uses no screws and is virtually invisible.

A vast array of pickup and electronics options are available, including active, passive, single pole and humbucking pickups, piezo transducers, 2 and 3 band equalization circuits, coil and phase switches as well as all the usual volume, blend,and tone configurations. I also offer both an on-board electronic tuner, built-in DI with XLR out, and a headphone amp. Because it is difficult to know exactly which pickups will sound best in a given bass, I am able and willing to exchange pickups until the optimum combination is reached.

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