David King Bass Guitars


Model: 5 string D bass

Body woods: Claro walnut top, peruvian walnut back, purpleheart rails.

Neckwoods: Eastern black walnut neck with purpleheart and chacté kok stringers. Carbon spars and titanium truss rod. Ebony fingerboard

Finish: KTM-9, high gloss, water-borne lacquer, hand polished.

Pickups and electronics: Lane Poor M4.0w and Bartolini NTMB-918. Volume, blend mid, bass /treble, mid switch, electronic tuner, active /passive switch.

Location: Washington, DC


Special features: Low action and narrow string spacing.

Owner's comments:

"Well, well, well...finally is right!  Man, oh Man!  This is the best 5-string I've ever played!  It is absolutely FABULOUS!  This instrument is amazing.  It's light weight, smooth, beautiful, and the tone is wonderful.  I love the cord lock.  That's cool.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  The feel is perfect and the sound is great.  So much clarity!  Awesome!"

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