David King Bass Guitars


Model: Jeff Novack signature model (single cut-away).

Body woods: one piece maple burl top, alder core and crotch figured walnut back.

Neckwoods: Wenge and purpleheart with 35" Katalox fingerboard (heart and sapwood)

Finish: Dupont Chromaclear over cyanoacrylate filler.

Pickups and electronics: Bartolini CX, NTMB-918 active, coil taps, Wittman tuner, active/passive and mid eq switches.

Location: Los Angeles

Year: 2004

Special features: Almost everything on this bass was unique including the fully carved arch top, concave radiused back and Paua abalone "om" inlay at the twelveth fret. All in all it took me about 250 hours to complete.

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