David King Bass Guitars

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Model:4 string D bass

Body woods: Solid swamp ash with curly maple rails.

Neckwoods: 3 piece maple neck with titanium truss rod, 32" scale length and ebony fingerboard .

Finish: Aniline dyes under blond shellac and Tru-Oil.

Pickups and electronics: Delano alnico J pickups into passive volume, blend and treble roll-off.

Location: Philadelphia

Year: 2002

Special features: No thumbrest, 32" scale, passive controls

Owner's comments:  I have had this bass for 15 months now, and I have a good idea of the sound it gravitates towards. The tone is very tight and focused, and the harmonics are incredibly rich. It has a particularly complex voice, but in a nutshell, it favors the lower mids, and responds very well to dynamics. Perhaps you could say that it has punch! This bass flourishes in a rock setting, such as a power trio, although I frequently use it in small or large jazz groups. The bass is also one of the lightest instruments I have ever held.

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