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Model: "G" bass

Body woods: book-matched claro walnut burl top and back with soft curly maple core.

Neckwoods: rock maple and chakte-kok neck with acrylicized ebony fingerboard

Hardware: inset ebony bridge plate with RMC piezo "bass-excellence" saddles. Hipshot "Ultralight" tuners in black.

Scale length: 35"

Weight: 7.8 lb

Finish: DuPont Chroma-Permier over epoxy filler

Pickups and electronics: Q-tuner dual coil soapbar, RMC piezo saddle pickups. Dual Audere Audio 4 band eqs. Mono or stereo output with switching jack.

Location: Portland

Year: 2008

Special features: Semihollow, book-matched back, RMC piezo, dual 4-band eq systems, edge fretmarkers wood pickup cover

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