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Model: 6 string D bass

Body woods: Quartersawn cherry top, soft curly maple back, paduk rails.

Neckwoods: Rock maple with bloodwood and purpleheart stringers

Finish: Tru-oil over blond shellac

Pickups and electronics: Bartolini CX (P4 shape) with NTMB-918 electronics. Wittman tuner

Location: Atlanta

Year: 2003

Special features: This is bass #100 built 10 years after for my first 6 string customer. Hexagon inlays, no thumbrest, asymmetric neck with thumb indent.

Owner's comments:
"Yo ho ho! I did get my new bass, about 2 months ago. I'm still getting used to it. It feels great, I love the new neck shape. The cherry top is real resonant. I get a great slap tone out of it. I know, I don't slap. But between teaching and having a bass that slapping actually sounds good on, I might start. I stayed with Bartolini but went humbucker this time."

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